Welcome To The 2019 EDGE Experience At The Growth Summit... Here's What To Expect!
September 26th - 29th • The Sheraton Grand
340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
The EDGE Frequently Asked Questions:
What Hotel Should I Stay At?
We were able to provide you with the amazing opportunity to stay ON SITE at the Sheraton Grand at a special rate!!! You can click this link to check it out and BOOK your room before they all sell out. 
When Do I Check In?
 Early registration will begin Wednesday evening - the time is TBD but will be released very soon. For anyone who gets into town a night early you will pick up your name badge and more at this time!
Thursday morning registration will begin at 7:00AM and run till 8:30AM, with day 1 starting at 9:00AM

However, if you can not make it for Thursday afternoon or Friday morning we will still have people at check-in for you when you arrive!
Where Do I Check In?
You will check in right outside of ballroom in the foyer area - follow the signs when you arrive!! 
Is There a No-Show Fee?
Yes, There is a $297 no-show fee for the main ticket holder if you do not attend. When you register for the event we order materials and account for you to be here in person with us. When you don't attend a seat has been taken from someone else who could have attended. 

If you email events@deangraziosi.com prior to 30 days before the event to let us know you cannot attend we will waive the no-show fee in acceptance of your communication to not be able to attend and you will NOT be charged. 
Do You Have a Refund Policy? 
​For all DG purchased tickets we typically do not offer a refund. However in case you can't make it to the Edge 2019, you can transfer your ticket to a family member, friend, business partner, etc at no additional cost and all VIP transfers will be transferred to a general admission ticket. In order to transfer you will need to let us know prior to 30 days of the event along with the full name, email and phone number of the new attendee. 
In order to receive a refund for the $97 fee we will need you to email us prior to 30 days before the event to let us know you cannot attend. 

Please email events@deangraziosi.com with any questions
What Is The Schedule Like?
As of today we don't have the EXACT schedule details for start and end times with speakers. We tend to keep that close to the chest should anything change.
However, to help with your travel planning of the 3 and 1/2 days of the event we have included a tentative time schedule below: 
September 26th-28th 
Begins roughly at 9am - ends approximately 7pm 
September 29th
Begins roughly at 9am - ends approximately 12pm 
Where Should I Fly Into?
 The closest airport to the event center will be Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX). This is about a 10 minute drive (5 miles) from the hotel where the EDGE Event will take place. For transportation there are many options available to you including car rental, taxi, as well as Uber and Lyft that are very popular in the Phoenix area! 
What Fun Is There In The Area?
Even though the event you are going to be at will be the most fun thing happening that weekend, we still wanted to include a list of some popular things to do in the area. You can see that list by clicking here at any point!
What Should I Bring with Me?
We highly recommend that you bring an extra layer of clothing. The event room can get quite chilly and we want to make sure you are comfortable! We also suggest a water bottle, and your ID as we verify your ticket at registration. 
What Expenses Do I Need To Cover?
Please note that we are unable to cover the costs of any of the fees related to your participation in the event. Costs related to travel, accommodation, transportation and meals will be your responsibility. You're tickets only include an invitation to attend this amazing event! Please make arrangements for such and be sure to submit your materials fee prior to attending.
Who You Could See LIVE At The Growth Summit 2019!
Dean Graziosi has spent the last 20 years building not only one of the most impressive educational businesses in the U.S, but he also has been blessed to meet and get to know some of the world's greatest thought leaders.

The EDGE event is where Dean reaches out to his closest and most trusted circle and asks them to come share the stage with him at his event. Here is who you could learn from live in 2019!

Dean Graziosi

Your Host Dean Graziosi is a New York Times Best-Selling author and one of the top success and real estate coaches in the world. It is his mission to help change the lives of millions of people.

Brendon Burchard

Brendon Burchard is a #1 New York Times best-selling author and "the world's leading high performance coach" along with creator of Experts Academy.

Matt Maddix

Businessman, entrepreneur and speaker Matt Maddix has helped countless young adults discover entrepreneurship in their lives.

Rachel Hollis

Rachel Hollis is the author of world-renowned book "Girl Wash Your Face" and is a leader in the personal development industry encouraging women especially to become who they were meant to be.

Anthony Trucks

Anthony Trucks is a former NFL player who genuinely loves to improve peoples lives by teaching them HOW to go from surviving to thriving when you Trust Your Hustle.

Chris And Heidi Powell

Chris and Heidi Powell are two of the most followed and most watched fitness experts in America and travel the world sharing healthy lifestyle tips!
What You’ll Learn at The Growth Summit 2019!
The name EDGE is a pre-cursor to exactly what you will gain when you attend the event.

This event is designed to give you a strategic and distinct EDGE over not just your competition, but over the OLD you. This event will help guide you down the path of where you are to where you want to be by sharing valuable nuggets one after the other.

The KEYS to Abundance

What are the keys to abundance, fulfillment and success that the top 1% know and the rest of the world are desperately searching for?

Creating A Legacy

 Learn how to protect your earnings and build a solid, growing legacy for your family, spouse, children — and even their kids!

Escaping The 9-5 Grind

If you’re stuck in the 9-5 daily grind — instead of living life on your terms — find out how to  come out on top and live the life of your dreams.

Discovering The New You

After a few days at this event you will soon realize that there has been a version of you waiting to be unleashed for years who is finally free!
Dean Graziosi
Dean Graziosi has been educating people how to increase their wealth, businesses, abundance and fulfillment for over 25 years. He is a multiple New York Times Best-Selling author and regarded by many as a top marketer & educator of our generation. Here is what it means to be in his DG Family...
Past Speakers at the EDGE:
Sheraton Grand - 
Phoenix Arizona
340 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
Arizona is highly regarded as one of the most beautiful places in not only the U.S but the entire world. While other cities are beginning to see Fall chills, come September, Phoenix is already a sunny and warm 85 degrees on average. Perfect vacation and education get-away for you, your friends and your family!
The 2019 Gain The EDGE Event
September 26th - 29th
Wednesday TBD
Thursday 7:00AM-9:00AM
Event Tentative Schedule
Thurs. / Fri. / Sat. 9AM-7PM
Sun. 9AM-12PM
Sheraton Grand
City: Phoenix
VENUE: The EDGE 2019 Will Be Held At The DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Hotel
Dean Graziosi - Live EDGE 2019 Event